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Own pics LOL.

Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:43 pm by Vyren

Muze, while filled with joy and enthusiasm, wobbling excitedly told me It would be the best idea ever to start an own pics thread. The chaos will be her fault entirely.


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Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:16 am by Muze

I am currently working on a project (mostly to keep myself busy) of cute and creepy animals drawings and I am looking for your input. This is a project, mainly for lulz, to get myself back into arts and get used to photoshop. If you're into that kind of stuff and you have any requests/ideas, feel free to post them here. Try to be as specific as possible if you have a specific image of the …

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Introduction, requirements & application template - IMPORTANT: read this-

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Introduction, requirements & application template - IMPORTANT: read this-

Post by Tadeus on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:28 pm


Welcome to DreamlandRenegades, a European Dynamis Linkshell on Kujata. We gather at 19:30 Central European Time and enter the actual Dynamis at 20:00. People from all over the world are welcome of course, as long as your playtimes work with ours. We schedule two runs per week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These vary between all the various zones in Dynamis; Cities, Northlands and Dreamworld (when enough people have access).

The leading team includes

Tadeus - Linkshell leader, bank and points/lots management

Gii - Member management and strategist

Lilithangel - Strategist

Vyren - Member management



Must have atleast 1 job at 70+.

Must have a good sense of humor.

Must keep a good exp buffer or bring RR items / suck up any raise given.

Must enjoy Dynamis as an event.


How to apply

When you have read the rules and are able to make our times, please post your application by starting a new topic in this forum section. Keep in mind that, if you wish to prioritize a job, you must be willing to show up on said job.
Also, make sure your name is in the topic subject so we can distinguish your application from the others and use the template posted below. All the questions are mandatory.

When you have posted your application, your application will be reviewed and put up for vote. It may take a few days for the leaders to respond to your application, so please be patient Smile.

Your application template looks like this:

Application Template:
Character name:

Lvl 70+ Jobs:

Your timezone + available playtime:

Previous linkshells and why you left:

Previous server and why you left (if applicable):

Do you have any references in this linkshell?:

Dynamis experience & wins obtained (i.e. sac pulls, MA, etc.):

Which armor set would be your first priority (Koga, Valor,...) NOTE: ONLY LIST ONE JOB HERE!:

Access to CoP Dynamis (must have beaten Diabolos): Y/N

Are you currently upgrading a relic weapon? Y/N

Are you able, under normal circumstances, to show up atleast 50% of the time? Y/N (in case it's N, please add your reason)

Have you read the rules, do you fully understand them (there will be a test) and do you agree with them? Y/N


If you have been accepted, you will be given your linkpearl and access to the rest of the forums at the first run you attend.
Visit the forums on a regular basis, you can check your points, the schedule, information and general member chat Smile.

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