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Own pics LOL.

Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:43 pm by Vyren

Muze, while filled with joy and enthusiasm, wobbling excitedly told me It would be the best idea ever to start an own pics thread. The chaos will be her fault entirely.


Lotting Rules Pbucket
Lotting Rules Pbucket
Lotting Rules Pbucket
Lotting Rules …

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Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:16 am by Muze

I am currently working on a project (mostly to keep myself busy) of cute and creepy animals drawings and I am looking for your input. This is a project, mainly for lulz, to get myself back into arts and get used to photoshop. If you're into that kind of stuff and you have any requests/ideas, feel free to post them here. Try to be as specific as possible if you have a specific image of the …

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Lotting Rules

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Lotting Rules Empty Lotting Rules

Post by Tadeus on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:19 pm

Point Based System
Gaining points
1 point/run in total for staying from the breaking of the glass until the expiration of the glass.
(0.5 points for attending a minimum of 50% of the run 0.5 points for attending 100% of the run.)

Bonus points

You’ll get 1 bonus point when you attended all the runs during that month for their entire length (so your attendance percentage is at 100%)

You’ll get a 0.5 bonus point when you attended minimum half of the runs during that month (so your attendance percentage varies from 50% to 87,5%)

Spending points

1 point for relic that ranges from lvl 71-73 (city)

2 points for -1 relic that match their city counterpart (dreamlands)

3 points for a relic item (cape/belt) (dreamlands)

4 points for relic that ranges from lvl 74-75 (northlands)

5 points for -1 relic that match their northlands counterpart (dreamlands)

General rules of lotting:

The leader will call out the name of the person/people who get to lot, do not lot before being told so.

You can obtain up to two relics / run (free lot relic included).

In case you only have one job for which you wish to lot but it doesn’t meet the minimum level (70) yet it’s level 65 , an exception can be made, granted that your attendance is good and no one else has put that job in their comment who does meet the requirements. (Basically, you get priority on what else would be a free lot)

Passing a relic you have put in your comment during a run makes you unable to lot that relic for the remainder of that run in case it drops again.

Relic weapons and craft items are free lot, with the exception of Wootz ores. Dynamis currency is lotted by the leaders and used to fund future runs.

Specific rules of lotting:
Job Priority: We'll make use of a #1 and a #2 job priority.

#1 priority: Is fixed, but can be changed after 5 attended runs for a penalty: your points will be halved upon changing your main priority. That job must be 72 .

#2 priority: Can be changed prior to each run, no penalty attached to it. That job must be 70 .

When an item drops, the person who has the most points and that job on #1 gets to lot first.

In case that person doesn't want it, it will go to the next person in line, process repeats itself.

When no one with the job on #1 wants the item, it will go to the people with the job on #2 in the same fashion.

When no one has it in their comment, leaders will call a free lot, going down in level.

Concerning lotting -relic/dreamlands relic:

The person who has the job in his #1 priority AND has the NQ version of the item gets to lot first.
In case no one has it, it will go by the normal points based distribution. Same applies for #2 priority.

Funding runs
We allow sponsorship for Dynamis when the following requirements have been met:

The sponsor can and will provide proof that he is upgrading a relic: the sponsor must present himself in person with the relic equipped to a leader.

The relic weapon in question must be in atleast Stage 2.

The sponsor must have at least 1.5 bonus points (sponsoring the run will cost 0.5 bonus points).

Linkshell fund:

In case runs are not sponsored, linkshell bank buys the glass. Currency is being lotted and sold to fund future runs. If things go well, we also pay out members.

Member's pay out will be done on a monthly basis, their share will be calculated on their attendance during that month.

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